Friday, July 9, 2010

As Seen On TV!

I've been a "night owl" since I was a baby. My mom always stayed up late, so I always stayed up late. The earliest I feel sleepy is usually around 1 AM and if I had my way, I'd sleep until Let's Make A Deal comes on at 10 AM. It is just my preferred sleep cycle to enjoy the calm of night and wake up just before the day REALLY begins. Because of this sort of schedule, after Craig Ferguson's show (I love him so much.), the noise in the background is often infomercials and special programs aimed to make me want to whip out my plastic money and buy buy buy.

I have avoided the allure of many things. But some of them seep into my head and I find myself aching to try them out. Alas, I feel a NEED to own a YuDu. I need it, guys. I want to put fun designs onto plain cruddy t-shirts. And I want to make custom pillow covers. And I can stencil onto picture frames and stuff. And I want to make some cute stenciled cloth bags for my hauls at the Farmer's Market and the grocery store. I can technically do most of those things with handy freezer paper stencil techniques, but this just seems SO MUCH COOLER.

Note: If you try the freezer paper stencils, I recommend you don't use a fabric spray paint. My only attempt so far did NOT go so well because of massive bleeding around the stencil. It could have been some other sort of screw-up on my part, but I suspect you get better results by filling in the exposed bits with fabric paint using a dauber or spoucer.

So, anyway, I really want a YuDu. Really badly.

And a Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer. Juicing could change my life, guys. Jack said so.


Goodnight, Blog. I am off now to try to sleep. Perhaps I will dream about juice and kickbutt stenciled goods?


CobaltBlueTony™ said...

So what happened to <a href="></a>???

Bethany said...

I can't be tied down to one blog. I'm an independent kind of blogger. Or something. In reality, I just thought I'd use this as more blogs I read use blogspot than wordpress. I might use both, but for different reasons? I don't know, yet.